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Seeking Interim Choir Director/Organist

First Presbyterian Church is seeking an Interim Choir Director/Organist. Please contact the chair of our Personnel Committee, Tiffany Steward ( for a job description if interested.

Though we are a small congregation, we have members with exceptional talent and a tracker organ with a unique and warm sound.

We are looking for someone who loves to glorify God through traditional hymnody and choral and congregational singing. This person can also be considered for the permanant possition, for which the job description is currently in review by the Search Committee.

First Presbyterian Lafayette Youth Parents Facebook Group

We've set up a facebook group to organize and inform parents about opportunities for our new youth ministry opportunities. Click here to join!

ULL Student Parking

UL Student parking still available for Summer 2014!

Click Here for info and application.

Parking for Fall 2014 is presently sold out.

Emersion Pool Parties!

We've recently had a few families join with children that were never baptized. What a blessing! Although we typically baptize infants based on the promises of their parents to raise them in the Christian faith and the belief that God chooses to love us before we choose to love God, this will give us a chance to think about baptism as it relates to being a part of a community of believers in Jesus.

So, for the last three Thursdays in June, we are having "Emersion Pool Parties" at the Rachal's house! We'll consider who God is, what our relationship with God is all about, and how baptism begins a lifelong journey of faith while we play, eat, and swim! Call the church (234-5182) for details.


Next Sunday, May 11, it will be our pleasure to host worship leaders from the Louisiana Presbyterian Pilgrimage (formerly known as Cursillo). 

Presbyterian Pilgrimage is a purposefully designed method for renewing the faith of individuals and, through the individuals, the environments in which they live and work. Pilgrimage is a short course in living the Christian faith. It is designed to provide a framework for the development and renewal of Christians in the local church and in the world.

The retreat will take place June 19-22. Click here for details and registration. Please come early this Sunday to meet the worship leaders during Meet and Greet this Sunday at 10:30, and look forward to a lively and Spirit filled worship experience this Sunday at 11:00!

Thanks Mom!

Mother's Day Flowers

The Worship Committee has purchased flowers for all of the women in attendance next week, and all children are invited to participate in handing them out to honor motherhood!

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